KidsWoodLove Interview Albero Bambino

Today we publish an interview made in Germany by KidsWoodLove with Massimiliano Crescioli: just to get to know our company a little better... 

What is the story behind your company? How did you come up with the idea?

The last fifteen years of work, like manager for companies in baby rooms and bedding set, combined with my background of designer, made me thinking that, could be possible, to create something new on the market: new kind of products with a new vision of company.
What philosophy does your brand stand for?

Three are the pillars on which our company is based:

  • Design.
  • Social responsibility.
  • Environment Protection.

Which products from your collections do you use yourself or do your family members use?

Unfortunately no one: my children are too grown up, to have the possibility to use these products ...
What makes your products so special?

Firstly, our philosophy, then design and innovation.
The first product that was designed was the cot.
As we know the problems related to the use of bumpers in the United States, see:

we decided to design a cot that can be used without this accessory.
It took a year to do all the research, study, prototype and test to get to the final design of the cot and, in the end, it was patented internationally.
The material used are three: solid Beech, iron and 3D Polyester fabric.
In this way, the side of the cot is breathable, non-allergic, flame-retardant and, at the end, soft like cotton; The same was done for the cradle.
The same materials, then, were used to create the chest of drawers and the wardrobe, so as to have a collection of products in which form and material recall the same design.
We also created a bedding set collection, which adapts specifically to our products.
Would you say that your furniture and accessories for infants and children is made for a specific type of parent?

No, but probably, people who agree or belong to the same philosophy will be happy to find products like we created ...

How do first drafts of designs arise for new products?

By hand, putting together, material, color and shape, in a way that is suitable for the product / function we need, then with 3D software tools.
An important job is done, too, with trend agencies, to keep under control, trends, strategies and innovations.
Which criteria’s do you follow when selecting the raw material for your unique high quality products?

Personal experience, innovation, response to specific needed, respect and preservation of the environment.
How do you ensure that your products are completely safe for children?

Respecting and applying all the specific rules, for this kind of products: you can see the technical sheets of every single product on our web site.
Do you have any advice for parents on what to look for out when buying children’s furniture?

I think that, first of all, the products must be safe, therefore, suited to their needs and their children, that the company of which they have chosen the products has a strong and reliable social responsibility and a responsible consumption and production.
Where will the trend go for children’s wooden furniture in 2018?

Generally speaking, it's hard to say, sometimes our industrial sector, it's boring ... our company's goal is to become an actor for innovation: for the next year we are preparing a new type of product not only in the baby room, but also for kitchens and living rooms:let's see what happens.
Thank you very much, Max, for your time and effort!